Meet Socks


A big brave and adventurous hello to you all and thanks so very much for popping in for pickles.

My name, as you may have observed, is Sox and, yes, my head does look like a sock.

However, crazy coincidences aside, I’d just like to bid you all a hearty welcome to the World of Sheepy where I for one, take it as my great privilege to welcome you.

Oh, I’ve just said that. Sorry. Never mind. Let’s get on with it shall we. Ok, so I’ve got a head shaped like a sock and my name is Sox and, if you’re not careful, I’LL UNLEASH MY QUIVER AND SEND YOU ALL TO THE FIRES OF BIGATRON!

Sorry. Not sure where that came from. Anyway, good day to you and welcome, again. Arrrgggghhhhh, I hate these sorts of things!